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Beautiful Noel 2016 - Canan Tutorials,


Beautiful Noel 2016

Beautiful_Noel2016Alpha Channel _Canan
Beautiful_Noel2016Alpha_Selection-psp9 -canan
_k@rine_ dreams _Misted _Christmas_2379_Decembre_2012
Ildiko_Desings_Created@Mask_&_ildiko_kjk_1-30 (28)
Tube 2016-Canan
Kartanesi -Canan




Rorshack filters - Ripleyer
Sandwater - Aetherize [you can find this Filter in Flaming Pearl..]
Mehdi - Wavy Lab1.1
it@lian Editor Effect - Mosaico
ilter unlimited Effect - Bkg Designer sf 10||
Eye Candy 4000 - Drip
Nik software - Color Efect Pro3.0

This Tutorial Created with Psp x12
Before you began To The Lesson
Save the Selection in Selections in Psp
Then Open Tubes İn Psp
You can change Blend Modes according your color

There is My Colors

Foregraund color #2d2c31
Backgraund color #c7c8d0

Let's Start
The first Open Beautiful_Noel2016Alfha Selections _Canan
1-Fill with the Gradient

2-Layers > Duplicate
3-Effect > Sandwater > Aetherize

4-Effect > Rorshack filters > Ripleyer

5-Change the Blend Mode to Multiply
6-Effects > Geometric Effeckts > Skew

7-Adjust > Sharpness > Sharpen
8-step on the Layer Raster1
9-Selections > Load/ Save Selection  > Load Selection from Alpha Channel ( Selections#1 )Beautiful Noel-1 Canan

10-Promate Selection to layer
11-Effeckt > Mehdi > Wavy Lab1.1

12-Selection > Select None
13-Effects > Edge Effects > Dilate
14-Effects > it@lian Editor Effect > Mosaico

15-EffectS > 3D Effect 8 / 5 /69 /51,49 black
16-Layers > Duplicate 

17-Effects > İmage Effect > Seamless Tiling

18-Layers >Duplicate
19-İmage > Mirror
20-İmage > Flip
21-Layers > Merge > Merge Down
22-Change Opacty for this layer to 50

23-Step on the top Layer Copy of Raster1

24-Effects > filter unlimited Effect > Bkg Designer sf 10|| > MURUs Wave

25-Change the Opacty to this layer to 40
26-Step on layer Raster1
27-Selections > Load/ Save Selection  > Load Selection from Alpha Channel ( Selections#2 )Beautiful Noel-2 Canan

28-Promote Selections To Layer
29-Selections > Selection none
30-Effects > Filter Unlimited Effects > Bkg Designer sf 10|| > Maelström

31-Effects > 3D Effects  8/5/69/51,49 black
32-Layers > Duplicate
33-click on Promoted Selection 1

34-Change the Blend mode to Dissolve and the Opacty to 60
35-Effects > Image Effects > Seamless Tiling
( same last parametres )

36-Click on Copy of Prometed Selections 1

37-Effects > Eye Candy 4000 > Drip

38-Effects > Nik software > Color Efect Pro3.0 > B/W Conversion
( Change dinamic contrast - and brightness to -44  )

39- Change the Opacty of this layer to 60

40-Open Tube k@rine_ dreams_ Misted_ christmas_2379_ December_2012 

41-Edit > Copy
42-Edit > Paste on your İmage
43-İmage > Resize % 80

44-image > İmage Effect > Ofset -26 / 12 transparent and costum cheked

45-Adjust > Sharpness > Sharpen two time

46-now step on the Layer Promoted Selection 1
47-Layers > New Raster Layer
48-Selections > Load/ Save Selection  > Load Selection from Alpha Channel ( Selections#3 )Beautiful Noel-3 Canan

49-Fill with your background color #c7c8d0
50-Selections > Select None
51-Effects > 3D Effects  8/5/69/51,49 black

52-Selections > Load/ Save Selection  > Load Selection from Alpha Channel ( Selections#3 ) again
53-Selections > Modify >  Select Selection Borders 

54-Fill the Selections with white color #ffffff
55-Selections > Select None
56-Adjust > Sharpness > Sharpen
57-Change the Blend Mode to Screen as you want..

58-Step on the top layer
59-Layers > New Raster Layer
60-Selections > Load/ Save Selection  > Load Selection from Alpha Channel ( Selections#4 )Beautiful Noel-4 Canan

61-Fill with White Color #ffffff
62-Selections > Modify > Contract Selections 

63-Pres Delete key from your keyboard

64-Open Tube k@rine_ dreams_ Misted_ christmas_2379_ December_2012 Again
65-Edit > Copy
66-Edit > Paste As New Layer on your İmage
67-Click Move Tool and move it in the select as you want
68-Selection > İnvert
69-Press delete key from your keyboard
70-Selections > Select None
71-Effects > 3D Effects  8/5/69/24,75 black

72-Adjust > Sharpness > Sharpen two time
73-Open tube Çivi-canan
74-Edit > Copy
75-Edit > Paste as New Layer

76-Effects > İmage effect Ofset -269 / 118

77-Effects > 3D Effects  8/5/69/24,75 black
78-Adjust > Sharpness > Sharpen

79-step on the Raster 2
80-Open Kartanesi-Canan tube
81-Edit > Copy
82-Edit > Paste as New Layer
83-No need to move

84-Now you must on the top Layer [Raster 6]
85-Open Tube Yıldız - Canan
86-Edit > Copy
87-Edit Paste as New Layer
88-No Need to move

89-Open tube Beautiful Noel-Canan
90-Edit > Copy
91-Edit >Paste as New Layer
92-Effects > İmage Effect Ofset 0 / -150

93-Layers > Duplicate
94-Effects > İmage Effect Ofset 0 / 332

95-Layers > Arrange this Duplicate Layer 4 times and change the Layer Opacity to 26

96-Step on the Top Layer
97-Open Women tube Femme-1534-Azalee
98-Edit > Copy
99-Edit Paste as New Layer
100-İmage > Resize %60

101-Placed this tube Right of your İmage as you like
102-Adjust > Sharpness > Sharpen

103-Open tube yeniyıl
104-Edit > Copy
105-Edit Paste as New Layer
106-İmage > Resize %26

107-Effects > İmage Effect Ofset  76 / -122

108-Open Tube 2016- Canan
109-Edit > Copy
110-Edit Paste as New Layer
111-Effects > İmage Effect > Ofset 60/ -189

112-İmage > Canvas Size

113-Change the gradient with click to invert

114-Layers > Merge > Merge Vesible
115-Layers > New Raster Layer
116-Layers > Arrange > Send to Bottom
117-Fill with Gradient
118-Layers > New Raster Layer
119-Fill with white #ffffff

120-Open Mask Ildiko_Desings_Created@Mask_&_ildiko_kjk_1-30 (28)
130-Layers > New Mask Layer > From İmage

131-Effects > Edge Effects > Enhange
132-Layers > Merge > Merge Group
133-Click on the top Layer (Merged)
134-Selections > Select All
135-Selections > Float
136-Selections > Defloat
137-Selections >  Modify > Select Selection Borders 1
138-Fill with White #ffffff
139-Selections > Select None

140-Open Perde -Canan
141-Edit > Copy
142-Edit Paste as New Layer
143-Effects > İmage Effect> Ofset -316 / 0 Transparent and custom cheked

144-İmage Add Borders 1 pixel Foregraund Color #2d2c31
145-İmage Add Borders 1 Pixel White color #ffffff
146-İmage Add Borders 30 Pixel Foregraund Color #2d2c31
147-Click to Magic Wand Tool and Click to the last border
148- Layers > New Raster Layer
149-Fill with your Gradient
150-Selections > İnvert

151-Click on the Bottom Layer Backgraund Layer
152-Promote Selection To Layer
153-Selections > Select None
154-Click On the Top Layer
155-Layers > Arrange > Move Down

156-Effects > Simple > Pizza Slice Mirror

157-Effects > AP [ Lines] Lines SilverLining 

158-Click on the top Layer
159-Effects > 3D Effects > Drop Shadow 0 / 0 / 69 / 40,59

160-İmage add borders 1 pixel #ffffff
161-İmage add borders 1 Pixel #2d2c31

162-Open Kurdela png
163-Edit > Copy
164-Edit > Paste as New Layer
165-Effects > İmage Effect Ofset -371 / 166

you can change the color as you like

166-Effects > 3D Effects > Drop Shadow 0 / 0 / 69 / 40,59 (same setting)
167-Layers > Merge > Merge all (flatten)

168-Add your name
169-image Resize 900x551

 170-Save JPG

With My Love

Canan Tutorial
December 2015

This tutorial Written By Canan Kaya No to copy and shared on every web..

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