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Sorry My Love - New Tutorial - Canan

 many thanks for Mieke for beautiful Translations

This Tutorial Created with Psp x12
Before you began To The Lesson
Open Tubes İn Psp
You can change Blend Modes according your color




Narah_mask_0717 , Narah_mask_0725 , Narah_mask_0726
Gül jpg From web




Sorry My Love textCanan


Alternatif Link


Graphics Plus - Cros Shadow
Eye Candy 5 Impact - Perspective Shadow
Eye Candy 4000 – Drip
Mehdi - Sorting Tiles
Eye Candy 5 Impact – Glass
Simple - Center Tile
MuRa's Meister - Perspective Tiling 1.1
Mock - Windo
Unlimited Filter - Factory gallery G

Let's start

Foreground Color #13170c
Background color #a40f0f

1-Open  Sorry_my_Love_Alpha-Selections
2-Selections- Select all
3-Edit - Copy gül image and go to your new layer paste into selections
4-Selections - Select None
5-Adjust - Sharpness – Sharpen
6-Adjust - Blur- Gaussian Blur - Radius 20
7-Layers - New Raster Layer
8-Fill this Layer With the Gradient

9-Adjust - Blur - Gaussian Blur


10-Open Narah_mask_0717
11-Layers - Mask Layer From İmage

12-Layers - Merge - Merge Group

13-Change Layer Opacity to 95

14-Adjust – Sharpness - Sharpen

15-Layers - New Raster Layer

16-Selections - Load/Save Selection - Load Selection from Alpha Channel Selection #1

17-Fill the Selections with the same gradient
18-Selections - Modify - Select Selection Borders

19-Selections - İnvert – Delete from your keyboard
20-Selections - Select None
21-Effect - Graphics plus - Cros Shadow

22-Adjust - Sharpness - Sharpen
23-Change the Foreground Color to #13170c

24-Layers - New Raster Layer

25-Fill with the Foreground Color #13170c

26-Layers - New Mask Layer - Narah mask 0725

27-Layers – Merge - Merge Group
28-Change the Blend Mode this layer to Luminance Legacy
29-Adjust - Sharpnes - Sharpen

30-Layers - Arrange - Move Down (in 2  times)
 Your Layers like this now

31-Layers - New Raster Layer

32-Selections - Load/Save Selection - Load Selection from Alpha Channel Selection #2

33-Change Background Color to White  #ffffff  and Change Layer Opacity to 45

34-Fill this layer with and change the opacty to 100 again

35-And after you Fill must Change the color to  Backgraound color #a40f0f

36-Selections - Select None

37-Layers - Dupliacte

38-İmage -  Mirror

39-İmage -  Flip

40-Layers – Merge - Merge Down

41-Layers - Duplicate

42-On this Duplicate Layer  (Copy of Raster 3)

43-Effect – Simple - Center Tile

44-After click on the Orginal Layer (Raster3)

45-Effects - Mock – Windo (default)

46-Click on the Second Layer from the top (Group- Raster2 )
47-Layers - New Raster Layer

48-Selections - Load/Save Selection - Load Selection from Alpha Channel Selection #3

49-Fill with your last Gradient

  50-Adjust -  Blur - Radial Blur

51-Selections - Select None

52-Effects -  Distortion Effect - Speak Halo

53-Layers - Duplicate

54-İmage - Mirror

55-İmage – Merge - Merge Down

56-Change Layers Properties - Blend Mode  (Soft Light )

57-Layers - Duplicate
58-Effects - Eye Candy 4000 – Drip


59-Effects - İmage Effect -  Seamless Tiling - side by side

 60-Place on the Orginal Layer (Raster 4)

 61-Effects - Mehdi - Sorting Tiles – Mosaic

62-Layers - New Raster Layer

63-Now change your gradient for this

 64-Selections - Load/Save Selection - Load Selection from Alpha Channel Selection #4

65-Fill the Selected with this gradient - KEEP SELECTED

66-Adjust -  Blur - Gassian Blur  (Radius 20)

67-Open Mask Narah_mask_0726

68-Layers - New Mask Layer from image

İnvert data not checed

69-Selections -  Select None

70-Merge - Merge Group

71-Layers- Duplicate Layer

72-İmage - Mirror

73-Layers - Merge - Merge down

74-image - Flip

75-Effects - MuRa's Meister - Perspective Tiling 1.1


76-Effects - 3D Effects - Drop Shadow with red color


77-Effects – 3D Effects -Drop Shadow  5 / 5/ 70 / 58.42 with black
78-Adjust – Sharpness - Sharpen

79-Step on the Raster 4

80-Effects - Seamles Tiling - side by side

81-Layers - Duplicate

82-İmage - flip

83-Click on the top Layer

84-Effects - Eye Candy 5 İmpackt - Glass – Ruby


85-Change Layers - Properties - Blend mode This Layer Luminance L. or Hard Ligth as you like

86-Open Tube Mv_Cooper_26_07_10  (men tube)
İmage -Resize %80


87-Edit - Copy

88-Edit - Paste As New Layer  (Raster7) and change the Opacity to 45

89-İmage - Mirror
Move like this on the top ( see İmage)

90-Open Tube MV_CentenialRose_15_11_07

91-Edit - Copy

92-Layers -  New Raster Layer
93-Selections - Load/Save Selection - Load Selection from Alpha Channel Selection #1 again 

94-Selections - Modify -  Contract  6

95-Edit - Paste as New Layer

96-Move it to right for your image

97-Selections - İnvert

98-Edit - CUT or Press Delete from your Keyboard

99-Selections - İnvert

100-Again Paste As New Layer tube in the memory

101-Pleaced to the Left for the image

102-Merge - Merge Down

103-Selections - İnvert
104-Press Delete key from your Keyboard

105-Selections - Select None

106-Layers - Merge - Merge Down

107-Effects - Eye Candy İmpact - Glass - Clear no drop shadow Click Basic and change the glass color to your color I used  my red Color #a40f0f


108-Open tube MV_topOfThe world_17-06-2012 (women tube)

109-Edit - Copy

110-Edit - Paste as New Layer

111-Effects - İmage Effect - Ofset   82  / -19

112-Adjust - Sharpness - Sharpen

113-Effects - Eye Candy İmpact - Perspective Shadow – Reflect in Front - Faint

114-Open Tube  Sorry My Love Text

115-Edit - Copy

116-Edit -  Paste as New Layer

117-Move it to the left as image

118-İmage - Add Borders -1 pixel with #ffffff  White Color

119-İmage - Add Borders - 45 pixel with #a40f0f   Red Color

120-Magic Wand Tool click to last borders

121-Layers New Raster Layer

122-And Fill with your Second Gradient


123-Selections - İnvert

124-Click the Bottom Layer

125-Selections - Promoted Selection

126-Layers - Arrange - Bring to top

127-Effects – 3D Effects - Drop Shadow 0 / 0 / 70 / 42,57 black

128-Selections - İnvert

129-Click on the Middle Layer

130-Adjust - Blur - Motion Blur 


131-Selections -  Select None

132-Merge - Merge Down

133-Effects - Texture Effect – Fur


134-Effects - Plugin - AAA Filters - Photo Frame

135-Effects - Filters Unlimited - Filter Factory Gallery G - Bevel 1.5

136-İmage - Add Borders - 1 pixel white Color

137-İmage - Resize 900  All Layer Checed

138-Add your name or put your Watermarkt

139- Save JPG

With my Love 

Canan Tutorial

October 2015


This tutorial Written By Canan special for gifanimasyon.com No to copy and shared on every web..

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