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Love İn Winter

Many thanks Sophie (Evanescence Graphisme) for beautiful translate to Français

Many thanks Mieke Polakker for beautiful Dutch translation


Ildiko_Desings_Created@Mask_&_ildiko_kjk_1-30 (34)
 5 Selections 
Man Tube from web


Alternatif Link

VanDerLee - UnPlugged-Xv2.0
simple - Pizza Slice Mirror
Todiaes - Blast'em
MuRa's Meister - Perspective Tiling 1.1
MuRa'S Meister - Cloud
Eye Candy 5 Impact - Perspective Shadow
Mehdi - Weaver
Eye Candy5 Nature - Snow-Drift
AAA Frames - Foto Frame 

This Tutorial Created with Psp x12
Before you began To The Lesson
Save the Selection in Selections in Psp
Then Open Tubes
and Mask İn Psp
Double click Eye Candy Presets it will loaded automatically
You can change Blend Modes according your color

 Lets Start

Foreground color   #1f130f
Background color  #e2b78a

Onother Color #ffffff

Make gradient with Foreground & Background colors angel 45 repeats 5 Style Linear

1-Open new İmage 900x550

2-Fill with your gradient
3-Effects > İmage Effect > Seamless Tiling 

4-Ajust> Sharpness > Sharpen More
5-Layers > Duplicate
6-İmage > Mirror
7-Layer Properties This Layer to 50

8-Layers > Merge > Merge Down

9-Layers > New Raster Layer
 10-Fill with Foreground Color #1f130f
11-Layers > New Mask Layer > From İmage

Ildiko_Desings_Created@Mask_&_ildiko_kjk_1-30 (34) from image
12-Layers > Merge > Merge Group
13-Effects > İmage Effect > Ofset 50 / 0

14-Effects > Edge Effect > Enhance

15-Layers > New Raster Layer
16-Selections - Load/Save Selection - Load Selection From Disk -LoveinWinter-Canan-1

17-Fill with background color #e2b78a
18-Selections > Select None
19-Effects > Todiaes > Blast'em!

20-Change Blend mode this Layer to Soft Light
21-Layers > Arrange > Move Down

Click to top Layer

22-Layers > New Raster Layer
23-Change the Background color to white #ffffff
24-Selections - Load/Save Selection - Load Selection From Disk -LoveinWinter-Canan-2


25-Fill this select with white #ffffff
26-Selections > Selection None

27-Effects > VanDerLee > UnPlugged-Xv2.0 by VanDerLee

28-Repeat this step at 3 times
29-Adjust> Sharpness > Sharpen

30-Selections - Load/Save Selection - Load Selection From Disk -LoveinWinter-Canan-3

31-press Delete key from your keyboard
32-Click to the Bottom Layer
33-Promete selections To Layer
34-Selections > Select None
35-Layers > Arrange > Bring To Top
36-change Blend Mode (Soft Light )
37-Effects > Simple > Pizza Slice Mirror
38-Effects > Edge Effect > Enhance
39-Effects > İmage Effect > Ofset -390 / 120


40-Layers > Duplicate
41-İmage > Mirror
42-İmage Flip
43-İmage > Mirror
44-Layers > Merge > Merge Down

45-Layers > Duplicate
46-Click on the Orginal Layer
47-Effects> Distortion Effect > Wind
 from Right / 90

48-Change Blend mode Multipy

49-Click on the top Layer

50-Open tube Tubtatie_Mist_Chrstmas-landscape
51-Edit > Copy
52-Edit > Paste as New Layer
(must colorize it)
53-Effects > İmage Effect > Ofset 0 / 59

54-Layers > Duplicate
55-Click on the Orginal Layer
56-İmage Resize % 120


57-Adjust > Blur > Motion Blur - strange 55

58-Click on the Top Layer [Copy of Raster 4]
59-Ajust> Sharpness > Sharpen

60-Click on the Layer (Copy of Promoted Selection)
61-Layers Arrange Bring To Top
62-Selections> Select all
63-Selections > Float
64-Selections > Defloat
65-Selections > Modify > Select Selection Borders 1 pixel


66-Fill with Foreground color #1f130f
67-Selections > Selecton None

68-Step on Layer Raster 3
69-Layers > Duplicate


70-Effects > MuRa's Filter Meister > Perspective Tiling 1.1

71-Ajust> Sharpness > Sharpen
72-Change Blend Mode to Screen
73-Layers > Merge Merge Visible

74-İmage > Canvas Size 1000 / 600

75-Effects > İmage Effects > Ofset 0 / 30

76-Effects > Distortion Effect > Pinch Strength 30

77-Layers > Duplicate
78-Layers > İmage > Resize (Layer Copy of Merged) %140

79-Layers > Arrange > Send To Bottom
80-Adjust > Blur > Radial Blur

81-Click to the top Layer ( Merged Layer)
82-Effects > 3D Effects > Drop Shadow 5 / 5 / 50 / 24,75 Black

83-Effects > Eye Candy 5 Impact/ Perspective Shadow
Double click to PerspectiveShadow-WinterLove_Canan#1


84-Layers> New Raster Layer
85-Fill with white #ffffff
86-Layers > New Mask Layer > From İmage
Narah_mask_0781 İnvert mask data not cheked


87-Layers > Merge > Merge Group
88-Change Blend Mode this Layer to Soft Light

89-Effects > Texture Effects > Blinds (Background Color)



90-Layers> New Raster Layer
91-Selections - Load/Save Selection - Load Selection From Disk -LoveinWinter-Canan-4

92-Change the opacity to 50 and Fill with white #ffffff
after you fill change the opacity to 100 again
93-Selections > Select None
94-Effects > İmage Effect > Ofset -22 / 0

95-Effects > Mehdi > Weaver

96-Effects > Edge Effect > Enhance

97-Open tube Deko-Canan edit copy
98-Edit > Paste as new Layer
99-Cange Blend mode > Multiply
No need to move

100-Layers> New Raster Layer
and change the Background color to #e2b78a
101-Selections - Load/Save Selection - Load Selection From Disk -LoveinWinter-Canan-5

102-Effects > MuRa'S Meister > Cloud (default)
103-Selections > Modify > Select Selection Borders 1 Pixel İnside
104-Fill the selected with Foreground color #1f130f
105-Selections > Select None

106-Selections - Load/Save Selection - Load Selection From Disk -LoveinWinter-Canan-5 again


107-Open your mantube Resize %60
108-Edit > Copy
109-Edit Paste as New Layer

110-Click Move Tool and but it inside the selections
111-Selections > İnvert
112-Click delete key from yourkeyboard
113-Layers > Merge > Merge Down

114-image > Effect > Ofset -27 / 8 

115-Effects > Reflections Effect > Feedback

 (İf you need change blend mode to Luminance Legacy )

116-Effects > Eye Candy 5 Impact/ Perspective Shadow
PerspectiveShadow-WinterLove_Canan#1 again

117-Effects > Eye Candy 5: Nature Snow-Drift-Canan


118-Open woman_332_franiemargot-1
119-Edit > Copy
120-Edit > Paste as new Layer
placed to Right your image

121-Ajust> Sharpness > Sharpen
122-Effects > Eye Candy 5 Impact/ Perspective Shadow
choose PerspectiveShadow-WinterLove_Canan#1 or Drop Shadow, Blurry as your image 

123-Open tube winterinlovetext1
124-Edit > Copy
125-Edit > Paste as new Layer
126-Effects > İmage Effect > Ofset -69/ -210

127-Change blend mode  Luminance Legacy

128-İmage > Add borders 1 pixel white Color #ffffff
129-İmage > Add borders 45 pixel Backgraund Color #e2b78a
130-İmage > Add borders 1 pixel white Color #ffffff

131-Effects > AAA Frames > Foto Frame 

132-Add your Name or your Watermarkt
133-İmage Resize 900 pixels all Layers checked

135-Edit > Copy winterinlovetext2
136-Edit > Paste as new Layer
137-placed to the top your image 

Layers Merge Merge all( Flatten) 

 and you're done

With my Love
January 2016
This tutorial Written By Canan Kaya No to copy and shared on every web..

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